Ever noticed how dogs in the rear of vehicles look at you when you’re behind the vehicle they’re in?  The following may change your perception of dogs and your beliefs in perception when you get to see it for yourself.

Next time you’re driving along and you see one of man’s (bored) best friends peering out of the rear window just wait until you lock eyes.  As soon as you lock eyes it will turn it’s gaze away and make believe it didn’t see you because maybe it’s embarrassed to be riding in back or similar.  Give it a few seconds of staring, no more, then you have to look away too.  Wait a second longer and look back at it, you’ll see it’ll be staring straight at you again.

Let me know if I’m the only crazy dude who communicates with dogs telepathically on the highway? (tempting to tell it “Your owner is a schitt driver so bite him AFTER I have passed you”)


Telepathic animal communication

Telepathic inter-animal communication